Fuck the HSC
Motivation-my school’s doing it right
Anonymous: Hey hey, I'm in year 11 and I do legal, bussiness, ad.english, ext.english, ancient history and SOR 1.. I'm not sure as to what subject I should drop, either ext. english or bussines?! I like english alot more than business but I'm worried that if I have 10 units and i fuck up (which I probs will) than it will fuck up my HSC too? btw FUCK THE GODDAMN HSC

if you’re doing well in ext and adv i suggest that you keep ext and drop business. SOR 1 scales high and if you fuck up in one of your subjects it will still boost you, so keep on top of it and don’t overlook it even though it’s a 1 unit subject. but just don’t fuck up, good luck babe :)

pre-exam shopping
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Also a reminder to all S&C students that all PIPs are being submitted to the BOS tomorrow

Adios to all those pages we have managed to bullshit over the past 9 months 👏👏

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Not being able to walk properly on tuesday because we’re going to get fucked so hard by trial paper 1

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Trials periods are starting for lots of us around this time. Good luck to everyone xoxoxooxoxoxox

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the boardofstudies website can’t recognise my student number-i don’t think that the ATAR path is right for them

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PIP-personal interest project

do you mean personal interest pieceofshit

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with ATAR of 80.00 (79.75 but lets just round up cause it hurts my feels), with 1 band six, 2 band fives, 2 band fours i recieved my first preference of Bachelor of Social Work (honours)/Bachelor of criminology and criminal justice at UNSW

good luck to all those sitting your HSC this year, unless i hate you

kisses n farewell faggots xxx