Fuck the HSC
pre-exam shopping
3:31 AM

Also a reminder to all S&C students that all PIPs are being submitted to the BOS tomorrow

Adios to all those pages we have managed to bullshit over the past 9 months 👏👏

3:26 AM

Not being able to walk properly on tuesday because we’re going to get fucked so hard by trial paper 1

3:25 AM

Trials periods are starting for lots of us around this time. Good luck to everyone xoxoxooxoxoxox

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4:38 AM

the boardofstudies website can’t recognise my student number-i don’t think that the ATAR path is right for them

2:22 AM

PIP-personal interest project

do you mean personal interest pieceofshit

8:23 AM


with ATAR of 80.00 (79.75 but lets just round up cause it hurts my feels), with 1 band six, 2 band fives, 2 band fours i recieved my first preference of Bachelor of Social Work (honours)/Bachelor of criminology and criminal justice at UNSW

good luck to all those sitting your HSC this year, unless i hate you

kisses n farewell faggots xxx

6:48 PM

oh holla playas forgot to let u know

after doing adv english, gen maths, sor2, biology & s/c, i (lilyaw [prev thehappymix]) got 4 band 5’s and a band 4 and an atar of 84.6 or something like that and i was offered my first preference of a bachelor of nutrition and dietetics at newcastle uni through uac and a bachelor of food and nutrition sciences at deakin melbourne through vtac

7:37 AM

migscast: “the cutoff for prostitution at sydney uni is 97.00”